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About Brent

Brent Forrester won his first Comedy Writing Emmy at age 25 for his work on "The Ben Stiller Show."  He went on to write for "The Simpsons," helped launch "King of The Hill," and was a writer, producer and director at NBC's "The Office" for seven seasons.  He's written for "Late Night with Conan,"  HBO's "Mr. Show," and "The Larry Sanders Show," and continues to work as a Head Writer on Netflix shows like Judd Apatow's "Love" and Steve Carrell's "Space Force," along with Amazon shows like Greg Daniel's "Upload" and "People of Earth." 


When Brent was running the Writers Room at "The Office," he began developing a system to get a script from "concept" to "shooting draft" in three weeks.  Over time he's refined it into what he calls the SIX STEP SYSTEM.  


And he will teach it to you for 90 bucks. 


Better yet, he will GUIDE YOU through a six week writing process, from BRAINSTORMING through PUNCH UP. 


The Six Step System works.  Brent has tested and refined it in TV's top rewrite rooms.


If you've ever had an idea for a TV show that you wanted to write, this is your class.  Many of you will end up with a script you love by the end of the six week course. 

Brent on Office Ladies

Brent recalls his experience writing and filming "Business School".

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