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Writers! Since Jan 1 about 100 of you have asked when I am teaching my next class. Okay, let’s  do this!  I will teach WRITING THE PILOT starting in two weeks: JAN 28.  


As my repeat students know, this class keeps evolving!  This time it will be a FIVE WEEK class, meeting every Sunday at 2pm PST on Zoom.  (If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, there’s a link after class.) We start with a pledge: “I will finish a draft!”  Over 5 Sundays, I launch you into the process, by sharing everything I’ve learned over 30 seasons in TV writers rooms, from The Simpsons to The Office. We watch scenes together, I bring you on screen to discuss your work, and do everything I can to energize the living hell out of you. We form an ultra-supportive writers group on facebook, and use the power of community to motivate us even more. 


It worked miraculously this summer! Within a few weeks of class ending, almost two hundred writers reported finishing a draft. I lost count of the emails that said some version of “This class changed my life.”  The feedback confirmed my intuition: teaching this class is actually a core part of my own mission as an artist. 


The price is still just $175, despite the whining of my managers. My true reward is helping writers like you develop the talent you feel stirring inside you. I remember being an aspiring writer myself, and I know how much it means to get this knowledge and encouragement. If you can’t afford $175 just send me an email and we’ll work something out. 


If you have an idea for a show that you’ve always wanted to write, or if you just love comedy and want to hone your craft with others who share your passion, JUMP IN! Tap into the magic, Writers. We’re doing this again! — Brent

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is each class?

Each class runs approximately an hour and a half.
Q: Are the classes recorded?
Yes, each class is recorded and available until two weeks after the last class.

Q: Do I need to participate live in the webinar?

No, but if you show up live you have the opportunity to ask me  questions, discuss your pilot ideas and be a part of the virtual writers' room. It's WAY more fun if you show up live! 

Q: Do I need to have an idea for a script before I register?
No! The class is designed to be help writers at any stage of the process. I assume many of you are going for a career in TV writing, and I always have a handful of working TV writers who drop in to learn my tricks. But I assume many of you are highly motivated newbies and you will not be left behind. Bring a first draft or an empty notebook: either way I will make sure you thrive here. 

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