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This is my most popular class, where I lead you through the process of writing a TV pilot over 6 Sundays at 2 PM PST.  I teach this course only ONCE A YEAR!  


In my early career I was highly analytical about learning to write TV, and after 20 seasons (on 6 Emmy winning shows) I have collected a huge number of concrete insights into the craft.  I am also famous for being the GREAT MOTIVATOR of Writers in the Room.  Every time I teach a class it becomes a community of motivated writers connecting online and IRL for years! 


Each class is a combo of lecture, clip analysis and on-screen participation. Every Sunday has a specific focus reflecting the SIX STEPS that I put staff through when I run a writers room:


Week 1 = CONCEPT: The Characters and the World

Week 2 = STORY: Conflict, Emotional Arc, A and B story

Week 3 = STRUCTURE: Carding, Act Breaks, Escalation, Endings

Week 4 = OUTLINE: Scene Structure, Joke Pitching, Room Notes

Week 5 = DRAFT: The Vomit Pass! Generating and Editing Dialog

Week 6 = REWRITE: Read-throughs, Punch-up, Joke Science


I priced this class so low because I still relate to being a struggling artist and I want to give you access to all the  protected knowledge of the craft that I could never get when I was trying to break in!   This will be life-changing for you as usual :)  Let's go Writers! —  Brent 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is each class?

Each class runs approximately an hour and a half.


Q: Are the classes recorded?


Yes, each class is recorded and available to all registrants. Access will remain available until two weeks after the last class.

Q: Do I need to participate live in the webinar?

No, but you will have the opportunity to engage with your fellow classmates on our Facebook page and in the Zoom chat. Additionally, some volunteers will have the opportunity to appear live on the webinar with Brent in a virtual writers' rooms.

Q: Do I need to have an idea for a script before I register?


The class is designed to be useful to writers at any stage of the pilot/spec writing process. So whether you've always wanted to write a script but don't know where to start, or if you're a seasoned pro looking to fine tune your sample for submission, this class will help you come out a better screenwriter than you came in.

Q: Can Brent read my script?

This class does not include an opportunity for your script to be evaluated by Brent or his team, but we strongly encourage you to team up with your fellow classmates in order to pitch and revise your ideas.

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